Think Bike ! Think Electric !

Choosing the right Electric bike for you

There are many reasons for choosing an ebike

  • You might wish to cut down on car use, to save money or reduce CO2 emissions.
  • You may be cycling to work, but would like to arrive fresher and less tired.
  • You may already be cycling some distance but would like to extend your range or perhaps you find conventional cycling difficult through age or infirmity, but still like the fresh air and exercise that it brings.

There are lots of reasons to choose an electric bicycle. Electric motor assistance can make cycling easier and extend the useable distance over a normal pedal cycle. Battery technology has improved in the last few years so that bikes can be lighter and go further.

Blackpool Electric Bikes has a range of electric bicycles suitable for the commuter and leisure cyclist.

All our bikes are limited to 15.5 mph under power to conform to UK/EU laws

Ebikes work in several different ways and it is important to choose the correct power delivery system to suit your needs. Our Electric Bike Buyers Guide answers many commonly asked questions. It contains lots of information about what to look for and how to choose the right bike for your needs. It also explains the different types of assist with advantages and dis-advantages of each

Ebikes use the rotation sensor system, which senses that the pedals are turning and switches the power on to help. This system is not dependent on pressure on the pedals so that riders who are less able can still access full assistance, just by selecting full power on the handlebar controls.

Riding an Ebike is like riding a normal cycle but with the strain taken away.

  • The LCD system gives a clear indication of the amount of power left in the battery, the level of assistance selected and also a Cycle Computer function giving speed and distance traveled. These bikes have several levels of pedal assist.
  • The LED display system is simpler and allows the rider to choose from three levels of pedal assist. A clear LED gauge shows the power remaining in the battery.

The ETrike is a powered electric trike.

The Trike offers those who have never learnt to ride on two wheels, (and those with balance problems), the ability to get out and about and enjoy the same freedom as their 2 wheeled counterparts.

  • Some ETrikes have an innovative tilting frame system that allows for tighter turns and a more comfortable riding style than a conventional tricycle. The tilting mechanism can be locked for those that prefer a rigid trike.
  • The ETrike uses the easy to use handlebar mounted LED system. This gives three levels of pedal assistance, Low, Medium and High, together with an LED battery indicator. It is also equipped with a twist-grip throttle for full assistance and to aid starting from a standstill.
  • The electric tricycle can also be used without power and has a three-speed hub gear for ease of use.

A battery powered bicycle provides you with the opportunity to decrease your carbon footprint and save you money on petrol whilst supplying you with heaps of fun along the way.

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