Here at RooDog, we continuously carry out research and development into the requirements of the UK electric bicycle market, helping us to consistently deliver an innovative, good quality, and a good looking range of ebikes.

We listen to our customers and understand their needs in the ebike market; we work with our factories closely on design and quality. The main aim of the company is to offer excellent value for money, to provide pleasant experience to our customers. But most importantly is to raise awareness further on the electric bicycle within the British consumer market, and make them more knowledgeable about this fantastic alternative transportation.

But why Roodog ebikes??

We have a range of good looking, good quality bikes and offer at very competitive price within the ebike market, and it doesn’t stop there, we aim to bring out newness twice a year to suit all tastes and keeping the range exciting. We also introduce limited editions throughout the year, so you could own a very special RooDog!

We offer 12 months warranty on all our bikes as a whole, with the exception of brake pads, tyres, lights and cables. The warranty is not transferable.

All of our products are CE approved, and all tested to EN15194 (the latest EU safety standards by which all ebikes are tested).

We do 100% inspection on our bikes, and all bikes are pre-assembled for delivery. So once the bike is purchased, within 3-5 working days (providing they are in stock), a fully assembled RooDog ebike will turn up at your door step, and all you have to do is charge it up and take it out for a ride!

We truly believe the importance of try before you buy. You can book an appointment to come and test out every single bike within our range and find your RooDog. (Currently, we are building a network of appointed sellers for RooDog ebikes around the country).

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