Batribike  Leasing Scheme

The Batribike Electric Bike Leasing scheme allows corporate and business users to lease electric bikes at a low monthly cost for a defined period of time. The scheme is available for all the models in the Batribike range.

Business Opportunities

Who could benefit from an electric bike leasing scheme?

    • Bike Hire Companies
    • Leisure and Outdoor Centres
    • Holiday Parks and Hotels
    • Corporations and Factories
    • Councils, Universities and Hospitals
    • Small Businesses and Employers

Financially Attractive Options 

The Batribike Electric Bike Leasing Scheme is suitable for many different applications. Bike hire companies may wish to add an electric option to their fleet. Larger corporations and universities may need a greener transport option for their employees to access various locations within their complex

For more information please contact the BATRIBIKE office on 01427 787774 or email



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