Jorvik tricycles are a worldwide brand based in the historic walled city of York England, which was founded by the Romans in 71AD and is famous for its stunning York Minster .Our company name Jorvik or Scandinavian York is a term used by historians for the south of Northumbria (modern day Yorkshire) during the 9th and early 10th century, when it was dominated by norse warrior kings.
1700 years or so later and we have our first example of a 3 wheeled vehicle powered by pedals, built by two french inventors in 1789. At Jorvik we hope we are as passionate about tricycles as these two fine gentlemen were. This pushes us to produce the highest quality tricycle possible, while sticking to a certain budget so they remain affordable to you the customer.
Customer service is paramount to us at Jorvik Tricycles and we strive to make your buying experience with us a happy and enjoyable process,our experienced customer services team are only a phone call away and are more than happy to answer any queries you may have.
We feel Jorvik tricycles are the perfect way to cycle for all types of riders.Whether you suffer from mobility or balance issues,are a novice rider or a competent cyclist who just wants the ease of 3 wheels,while having room to carry your bags,with the added benefit of being kind to the environment while looking stylish .You'll also reap the benefits of the freedom and exercise it provides, giving you a healthy body and a happy mind.

0% Finance

Spread the cost of your purchase with 0% finance deals available. Spreading the cost of your order will not cost you a penny more than paying for it upfront
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