Think Bike ! Think Electric ! 

Lightweight Electric Bicycle – Pocket+ compact folder The cleverly designed V’Lec lightweight electric bicycle is perfect for commuting or for when storage space is limited. The folding electric bike is extremely compact and easy to fold. The bikes have a discrete yet powerful Panasonic 24v 8Ah battery that is concealed within the frame. The charging socket is located near the integrated front light. The clever design ensures that weight saving components are multi functional. For example, the suspension bush that ensures a comfortable ride is also the clip that holds the back wheel in place when unfolded. These e-bikes are extremely easy to ride, switch on at the handle bars and away you go! The bike senses the rider and applies the power as you pedal. Stop pedalling or apply the brakes, and the assistance stops. V'Lec Lightweight Electric Bicycles logo . Exclusively distributed in the UK by Batribike, the V’Lec lightweight electric bicycles are finished in a choice of either black or white frame, giving a trendy, chic look. They make the perfect update from the Batribike Lite and Micro Electric Bikes which were discontinued a couple of years ago.


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